No weapons are permitted to be carried in Green Village at any time by any Afghan local national, even when acting as personal security details.

Green Village provides more than adequate 24/7 security by professional security personnel for all their customers while inside Green Village.

Customers who are required to carry weapons for their own protection while outside Green Village will remove the magazine and clear their weapon in available clearing barrel at main entrance gate before entering Green Village compound.

Customers carrying any type of weapons for self-protection are required to comply with established local Afghanistan laws regarding proper weapon registration and licensing.

Green Village Security Managers and Shield Security guards are hereby authorized to conduct random checks to ensure customers carrying weapons inside of Green Village compound are in compliance with our Security rules.

Weapons carried for personal protection inside the camp must be unloaded all the times, no exceptions.

Any customer who is required to have a weapon on their body must have their weapon cleared and clips must be removed at all the times while in Green Village.

Any person not following this rule will be asked to no longer carry the weapon. If this continues and the person needs to be told again about the rules of Green Village, Stratex will ban the customer from being able to carry their weapon.

Metal safes are available for all customers who have weapons in their rooms. We encourage you to request a safe if there is not already one in the room for your safety and the safety of others who might be entering your room for routine service.

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