Security Rules & Regulations

  • Security is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Security is managed by European professionals.
  • Security is also provided by over 170+ former military trained Ghurka Security from Nepal who all reside in Green Village.
  • Green village has numerous security measures in place such as guard towers surrounding the premises, video surveillance monitoring inside and outside of the camp at all times and motion sensors.
  • Use of canine patrol units and EDD canines. Please do not pet or feed the work dogs.
  • Sally ports for vehicles.
  • Every customer of Green Village must have an ID badge, this can be issued in the Security Office.
  • It is not necessary to wear the ID badges while inside the Green Vllage if you are a resident. Only when entering and leaving the camp, however security has the right to check and verify you are a resident so having the ID card on you at all times is suggested.
  • Vehicle passes must be issued in the Security Office.
  • Vehicles and customers will be searched upon entry into the camp.
  • All bags must go through security x-ray machine upon entry.
  • All persons must go through metal detector upon entry.
  • All persons are subjected to body search with no exceptions.
  • All local nationals will be body searched upon entering and exiting the camp.
  • Weapons must be cleared once entering the camp.
  • Please follow our Security’s instructions at all times.
  • Any negative or uncooperative behavior will not be tolerated and customers, guests or drivers will be asked to leave if all security measures are not followed.
  • In the event a vehicle needs to enter the into the Green Vllage accommodations area, you must have your vehicle escorted by a ground walker. If there is only one person (driver) our Security will provide the escort for you.
  • Please note that you may need to wait for an available guard. 
  • Any distractions or disturbances created at the gates as security performs vehicle or person search by the tenant, visitor, guests or drivers, you may be asked to leave the camp immediately to avoid any further security problems.
  • Green Village Security can at any time have the camp go into ‘Lock Down’ for a period of time for safety precautions. This may be done without notification. Stratex will notify all customers on our distribution email list for any security precautions or camp updates and also by posting on the Home page of the eGuide as best as we can. In order to be on the distribution list, please go to the IT office to have your email added for further GV updates and security notifications. Only permanent residents of GV are added to the listing and we encourage a main company account to be used so information can be distributed throughout your company instead of to each individual person.

                Contact Security at
               call +93 079 405 8896
               +93 079 599 8579


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