Internet OR IT Request

Please report any internet connectivity issues to the following

            Contact: 079-476-9839
            Hours of technical support 7 am – 7 pm

Note: Resident will not be charged for work order request that are found to be caused by GV internet connectivity problems with the ISP. An example would be, loss of internet connection from ISP to GV. Charges may apply to work order requests not related to internet.

Work request form can be found in IT office, management office and registration office. See attached form.

  • The IT office does accept walk-ins.
  • The IT staff is located in BC1 - office #9 (ground floor)
  • There is also a business center workstation available in the IT office where you can use a computer and printer as needed.
  • A copier is also available in the IT office.

The GV wireless access point is: GV-Wireless
Password: GVWireless!@#

For any Wireless other than GV-Wireless(Wireless named with Building Name/Number), you can use the password abcde12345

If unable to obtain internet connection, please complete an IT work order request form and submit it to IT Office or use the eGuide work order request. This can be submitted by email as well. 

Please note that streaming and downloading is monitored daily and blocked due to the size of Green Village, the bandwidth is shared among all. During peek hours, you  may notice a decrease in speed due to high usage.

Please Contact the IT office to discuss if you company requires dedicated bandwidth and the cost associated with designating this to offices or rooms.

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