DFAC - Health & Safety

Due to health and safety concerns, please wash your hands when entering the DFAC.

During this time of year there are many viruses in the air and we wish to minimize exposure to you and to our staff especially where food is prepared and served.

We appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.


Welcome to Green Village eGuide

The eGuide is available to all residents located inside GV


This guide can help answer most questions and concerns regarding your stay in GV

If you find you have additional questions, please feel free to come to the Management office so we can assist you better

Enjoy your stay in Green Village!

Food Room Delivery

Food delivery to resident rooms.

Menus and request forms and additional information can be found on the eGuide 'Room Delivery' button.


VIP Rooms

GV now has 4 VIP rooms available for short-term reservations

Please contact CustomerService@stratexfs.com for more details

GV Gift Shop

Hours 6:30am – 6:00pm

15% discount any store items

Location: Registration Office

More items to come soon!

Media Server

Download movies, music, TV shows and more

Please select the Media Server page for more details and comments are welcome.

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